TESTIMONIALS | Upright Open MRI Scanner, MRI Back, Knee, West Midlands, Birmingham


I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your staff at the Bromsgrove Open Upright MRI Centre when Iattended for my scan a short time ago.

I believe that more people like myself should be aware that it is now possible to have an MRI scan without being encased in a cylinder for the duration of the scan. This can cause Claustrophobia and Panic attacks even at the thought of having the scan. Many people have cancelled their scans because of their fears.All of these people can now book a scan on you new G Scan Brio Upright MRI Scanner without any of their previous fears as over 80% of their body will be uncovered during the scan especially their face and upper chest area.I could not believe that the scan was so simple compared with the versions that I had encountered in the past and it was now possible to move the table during the scan to allow the areas of the spine etc can now be scanned in the resting position and in the upright position with the full weight of the body. This was something that could be on peoples wish list in the past and is now a reality.I would strongly advise anybody that have cancelled an MRI scan in the past to contact the Bromsgrove Private Clinic as they will not be disappointed with the results (I for one was not disappointed but delighted that I had made the decision to have my scan) it will certainly change the lives of many people to have access to such a piece of 21st Century Electronics with the ability to help them in so many ways and help in addressing their problems.

I believe that as I travelled from Ireland for my scan that the travelling time from Dublin Airport to the Bromsgrove Private Clinic was less than 2 hours. This in part is due to the excellent staff in the Bromsgrove Clinic providing me with a Taxi telephone number that allowed me to book a taxi in advance to meet with my flight in Birmingham Airport and bring me direct to the Clinic and collect me after my scan and return me to the Airport for my return flight. The staff was more than happy to arrange my appointment after I had booked my flight this is an excellent service and is a wonderful help for anybody travelling any distance. I am sure that the same arrangements will be available to any potential user of the Clinics services, With Many Thanks and Kindest Regards. FG