Sue Lee – Upright Open MRI Scanner, MRI Back, Knee, West Midlands, Birmingham


An MRI scan takes about 45 minutes on this scanner because it’s a 0.25 Tesla scanner, so it takes a little bit longer to actually scan. We normally get all the patients to do questionnaires to make sure that they are safe to go into the scanner. I’ll go through the questionnaire with them, try and put them at ease, because nobody likes having these sort of procedures done, and everybody’s always worried about what the results are going to be. So once the questionnaire is done, we’ll get them changed, we’ll put them onto the scanner, and then I’ll talk them through all the scanner. Every time we have a sequence, I’ll talk to them, tell them how long it’s going to be. They know if they need anything, if they are not happy about anything, just to talk to me and I’ll go straight in to them.

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