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Besides MRI scan and X-Ray services, we also offer professional ultrasound scanning, at a cost that answers your financial needs.

Bromsgrove Private Clinic offers a complete and new ultrasound scanning service in Bromsgrove, in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The Bromsgrove Open Upright MR Imaging Centre are offering dedicated private scan clinics for Musculoskeletal and general diagnostic ultrasound examinations for both women (excluding Gynaecology/obstetric) and men’s health.

We offer a full range of musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations including a soft tissue option for general lumps and bumps (excluding breast tissue & Gynaecology/obstetric)). Our entire range of scan options, including abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scans, come with a detailed report and supporting images on the day. The report can be discussed with one of our consultants / professional healthcare providers.

Book a Private Ultrasound Scan at the Bromsgrove Open Upright MR Imaging Centre now using our real time booking system. To book appointments go to our booking Click on the Women’s (excluding Gynaecology/obstetric) or Men’s tabs to view the list of ultrasound scans offered, then click on the required scan option. Our system will automatically optimise availability for your chosen examination.

Our private ultrasounds are for women and men of at least 16 years of age at the time of booking and include a rescan option If, in our healthcare professional’s opinion, we’re not able to complete the primary purpose of your scan.

Ultrasound scanning is also known as a sonogram that uses high-frequency sound waves in order to receive images of the inside of the body.

Ultrasound scanning is used in finding a condition or helping in placing a better diagnosis. Surgeons use ultrasound scanning during certain procedures for better visibility and access to the inside of the body.

An ultrasound probe is used in order to receive information from the inside of the body. When it bounces over particular body parts, it created echoes that are then transmitted on a monitor.

How to prepare for an ultrasound scan

For most ultrasound scanning procedures, in order to get a better quality in imaging, you are advised to:
Drink water and don’t use the toilet only after the scanning, this procedure is often asked for scans in the pelvic area.
It is better not to eat several hours before the scan; this procedure is required for a scan of a digestive system including scans for liver or gallbladder.
However, depending on the area that needs ultrasound scanning, we will present you with the ultrasound procedure and how you should prepare for your ultrasound scanning.
At Bromsgrove Private Clinic you receive affordable ultrasound scanning, executed in order to guarantee you comfort and a relaxing time during the procedure.