SERVICES | Upright Open MRI Scanner, MRI Back, Knee, West Midlands, Birmingham


The Bromsgrove Private Clinic promises a comfortable way to get a Orthopaedic MRI scan or MRI scan for any particular joint you need, at an affordable cost.

Most patients are scared of the private MRI scan because they think that the cost of mri scan at a private clinic is way above the state-owned clinics. The truth is, however, our MRI scan price is set sensitively and therefore we have most affordable private cost of mri scan in the area. Even more, our newest technology MRI scan comes from an MRI machine that allows for flexibility in movements allowing for functional scanning.

We execute two types of MRI scans: open MRI and upright MRI. You don’t have to face claustrophobia or panic, instead you can get MRI scan in a relaxing way. You can even talk to the medical staff. For the MRI machine price in our centre, you receive full services depending on your needs. With our open and upright scans, we can take images in detail covering even more of the joint surface of the patient. Now, you are able to receive complete imaging.