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The Bromsgrove Open Upright MR Imaging Centre:

Please read the following if you are planning on a self-referring for an MRI Scan


What is an MRI Scan?

MRI scan is a safe test to allow your specialist doctor to diagnose and confirm the condition you are suffering with.


Why is General Practitioner/Physiotherapist/Specialist referral required for a scan?

Referral is usually required for your own safety and to make sure that the MRI scan you are planning to fund for is an appropriate test to diagnose the condition you are suffering with. This also prevents complications particularly if you have a metal object/pacemaker/loose metallic objects embedded in parts of your body that can cause catastrophic issues if you were to go an MRI scanner for them to be dislodged. If you do have these metal objects in your body, please bring this to the attention of the radiographer.


Can an MRI be arranged without a referral?

An MRI Scan can be arranged at the Bromsgrove Private Clinic without a formal referral (though if one was available it would be very helpful) particularly if you are paying for your scan yourself. If you are insured, you will need a referral without which your insurance company will not fund the scan. The Bromsgrove Private Clinic is recognised by all major insurance companies and you can look for our provider codes if you are speaking to the insurance companies as they will appreciate this code if you had it handy to get an authorisation code.


The BPC is able to offer scans to self-referring patients from 1st November 2017.


We welcome patients who wish to refer themselves for MRI, but please read the following information carefully prior to proceeding with a self-referral.


  • MRI scan is safe and does not involve any radiation. The self-referral questionnaire is a must and should be completed prior to the scan. At the BPC our scanner is a specialist orthopaedic scanner. The current symptoms section should be completed by the patient to detail the area to be scanned and the reason you think a scan is required. If the reason for the area to be scanned scan is queried by the radiographer, this may be because the MRI Scan may not be the most appropriate test for you and in this case we would contact you to discuss this further. The radiographer may discuss your request with the available Knee, Shoulder, Spine, Foot, Hip specialist or a radiologist. We do not do HEAD, PELVIS, ABDOMINAL, CHEST or breast scans. We do not do scans to monitor or assess cancerous disease.


  • We need a completed self-referral form with NHS number before any appointment can be processed.


  • All scans will be reported by a qualified radiologist who is registered with the General Medical Council of the UK.


  • You will be provided with a copy of your scan on a CD which will remain part of your property. If you lose your first copy a second copy will be provided for a admin fee of £15 within 3 months of your scan date.



  • Any condition diagnosed on the MRI SCAN will be clearly reported by a reporting radiologist and this will be communicated with your General Practitioner.


  • Contrast MRI Scans will not be possible on a self-referral basis and a specialist/GP referral is required.


  • A Valid GP name, address, telephone number, NHS number and fax number is required so that your report can be safely sent to them. The report will be sent to your GP so that it can be discussed and appropriate treatment can be instituted by your GP particularly if you are not in a state to pay for your treatment privately. We will not be able to perform a scan if you are not registered with a GP in the United Kingdom. Please verify the telephone and fax number of your GP for expedited delivery of results which is usually sent within 24-72 hours.


  • Cancellation with more than 48 hours will not be charged. Cancellation within 48 hours of your appointment will be subject to £100 administration fee. If you cancel with less than 24 hour’s notice or fail to attend for your scan you will be charged the full cost of the scan. This is required so that available slots are utilised efficiently for other suitable patients. Unavoidable absence, illness or proven travel disruption will be subject to the clinic manager’s discretion in which case the scan appointment ay be rescheduled.